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more fun capus events

Sorry to bug everyone again, but there are two more events that I’m responsible for.

There’s a lecturer coming Thursday and Friday nights. His name is Jed Brandt. He’s a lot of fun and very entertaining.

Jed will talk on Thursday night about the history of the anti-war movement since 2002 and previous anti-war movements, and he’s going to talk about what’s happening right now. He’s been active in the opposition to both the first and second Gulf Wars. He has mostly been active in New York City, but is informed about what’s happened all over the country, especially in San Francisco. That’s Thursday, November 11, at 9pm in the Lecture Center.

On Friday he’s going to talk about the importance of independent media and alternative new sources. Jed is an editor, writer, and graphic designer for the Indypendent, the largest current underground newspaper. You can get copies of it in the library, or come talk to me, I have extras of a bunch of the back issues, too. He’s also worked with college newspapers and is a moderator for New York City Independent Media Center ( http://nyc.indymedia.org ). It’s part of Indymedia, which has over 120 offices all over the world. There’s even a local one for Western Massachusetts (http://wmass.indymedia.org ). This one’s Friday, November 12, at 8pm, in Clark Auditorium in the Fisher Science Center.

If you want more information about it or have questions, you can mail me at rlawre02 at simonsrock

Anyway, it’s going to be lots of fun, very informative, and better than doing either homework or laundry. Hope to see lots of you there,
-Rose Regina

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